Macs in Chemistry

Insanely great science

A list of widgets that may be of interest

  • The Amino Acid Table widget displays general information on amino acids (name, 3-letter code, 1-letter code, triplet and standard color code) conformed with the IUPAC-IUB recommendations.(Support site now unavailable)
  • The Genetic Code widget displays the standard genetic code in a simple table showing the 64 codons and the amino acids each codon codes for. (Support site now unavailable)
  • The Basic melting temperature widget allows to calculate the melting temperature of a nucleic acid sequence.
  • The BLAST 1.2 widget provides a quick access to the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool at NCBI. You just have to type or paste your sequence and to select the program to be used.
  • The DNA Molar Converter 1.2 and Protein Molar Converter 1.1 widgets allow to perform molar conversions for nucleic acids and proteins according to size
  • The Nucleic Acid Nomenclature widget displays general information on nucleic acids (symbol, meaning, complement and origin of designation) conformed with the IUPAC-IUB recommendations.(Support site now unavailable)
  • The Entrez widget provides a quick access to the NCBI Databases.
  • The ProtParam widget computes physico-chemical parameters for your protein sequences at ExPASy. You just have to type or paste your sequence in the input field. Database (Support site now unavailable)
  • The Rebase widget provides a quick access to the Restriction Enzyme Database
  • The Periodic Table is a widget that allows you to click on an element to display basic information and properties, such as atomic mass, density, melting point
  • Solutions The solution for your solutions! With three units known, you can easily calculate the fourth unit (mass, volume, molecular weight or molarity) of the desired solution
  • PTsmall Simple periodic table with name, mass, number, crystal form and state
  • ChemFinder Finds structure of any highlighted chemical name, CAS Number, molecular formula, or molecular weight Use * for partial names (e.g. ben*). You may need to register at the ChemFinder website.
  • Aldrich Search SigmaAldrich website for commercial chemicals.
  • DNActions is a Mac OS X Widget that can be used to perform common actions on DNA sequences.
  • Kelkoo widget Do an online price comparison, if you are not familar with kelkoo you can try it out here
  • Lycos widget Do do online searches using the Lycos search engine
  • ProteinGlimpse A widget for visualizing macromolecules retrieved from the Protein Data Bank
  • Molar Mass A molar mass calculator that calculates the molar mass of a molecule based on the formula entered in the input field
  • Elements A Periodic table widget, giving full information on each element.
  • Rat Genome Search Rat Genome Database.
  • PubMedRSS A dashboard application to display title and summary of the RSS-formated PubMed search results issued for your query by PubMed.
  • Headines from arxiv The preprint server for scientists in (mostly) physics, maths.
  • SPIRES HEP Search High-Energy Physics Literature Database
  • *NIX manuel provides a clean and friendly interface for performing look-ups on commonly (and, more importantly, not so commonly) used commands