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A great site for architects but also really useful site for news on all design or 3D applications for the Macintosh


A one stop shop for providing visual communication solutions for scientists

Cambridge MedChem Consulting

High-throughput Screening analysis, Hit to Lead project supervision, Lead optimisation, Licensing oversight, Computational support, in particular virtual screening and QSAR analysis, Training courses on the drug discovery process
Cambridge MedChem Consulting

Chemical Informatics Letters

The latest news in chemical informatics, links to relevant web sites, analysis and discussion Chemical Informatics Letters

Chemical Information Page

Information on Drugs, Pesticides, Environmental Pollutants, and other Potential Toxins
The Chemical Information Page

Chemical Visualisation on the internet

Chemical visualisation on the internet Embedded dynamic and interactive high-end graphics in digital documents for the visualization of complex factual relationships

Chemistry Central

Chemistry Central is Chemistry Central is a new service publishing peer-reviewed open access research in chemistry from BioMed Central, the leading biomedical open access publisher

Chemistry Gift ideas

Discover a handpicked collection of unique chemistry products.

Combinatorial Chemistry Review

Combinatorial Chemistry Review- an overview of combinatorial synthesis, including polymers and linkers for solid-phase synthesis, determination of product structure, solution-phase synthesis and applications of combichem.

Data Analysis Applications

I've now created a comprehensive list containing all the Data Analysis Tools available for MacOSX here

GPU-accelerated applications for science :- A list of apps using GPU acceleration

It should be noted from the start that there are two main programming frameworks for writing programs that can execute on the GPU. [OpenCL]( originally developed by Apple is an open-source initiative supported by a wide variety of graphics card vendors. The other major implementation is [CUDA]( developed by Nvidia and is specific for Nvidia graphics units. Whilst it is true that for several years CUDA gave higher performance recent developments with OpenCL have probably closed the gap. "A Comprehensive Performance Comparison of CUDA and OpenCL" [DOI](

I’ve compiled a listing of GPU-accelerated science applications here.

HPC on Mac OS X

A great resource for those interested in doing high performance computing on the Mac

iPhone Applications

iPod Games

The iPod Games Page, because everyone needs a little fun.


iTunes store for music but also a host of scientific podcasts.

Currently playing Black Holes and Revelations
Muse - Black Holes and Revelations - Supermassive Black Hole

and Purple Haze by Jimmy Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child - The Jimi Hendrix Collection - Purple Haze


MacCentral News and Reviews

Macinchem Reviews

A selection of Application reviews I have written.


MacResearch Articles, News and Reviews for the Mac-loving scientist, why not join today?


MacInTouch Macintosh news site

Mac OS X Tips

Organic Synthesis

Organic Synthesis online, Since 1921, Organic Syntheses has provided the chemistry community with annual collections of detailed, reliable, and carefully checked procedures for the synthesis of organic compounds.

Reference Management Applications

One of the neat things about having the search box on each page is I can see what visitors have been looking for. Amongst the expected searches for structure drawing or molecular modelling packages I was suprised to find that one of the top search terms was for reference management software. I had a quick look around and I could not find a list of MacOSX applications so I thought I'd create one here

Reviews of Scientific Applications

ChemBioDraw Ultra:- Chemical Drawing Package
DataPlot:- Scientific plotting
iBabel:- Chemical file viewing/manipulation
Instant JChem:- Structure searchable chemical database
Marvin:- Cheminformatics
Moe:- Molecular modeling

Science at Apple

Scitech The Scitech website at Apple

Scientific Computing on MacOSX wiki

Scientific computing on MacOSX a wiki mainly dealing with crystalography but expanding to include many other topics

Science Blog Roll of Honour

A list of scientific blogs

Skype for Mac

Free to download and use
  • Make free calls to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world.
  • Chat with one person or have a group chat with up to 100 people at a time.
  • Conference call with up to four people for free.
  • Easily send files and photos to each other.


A list of scientific and non-scientific dashboard widgets that may be of interest.

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