RSC Mobile

RSC Mobile is a mobile app which provides up-to-the-minute access to RSC journals. Full text HTML and PDF access via wireless networks for subscribing institutions/organisations. The latest news from the RSC Publishing Platform. Ability to save articles for offline reading - and to save the abstract for articles where the reader doesn't have full text access. Sharing of content via email, Twitter or Facebook.

There is a page of mobile apps for science here

Scripting Vortex

This is the second page on scripting Vortex, on the first page I described how to use OpenBabel to calculate a limited selection of chemical properties. In this script we will use one of the brilliant tools from silicos.

SIEVE is a program for filtering out molecules with unwanted properties. It is based on the Open Babel open source C++ API for rapid calculation of 45 different molecular properties.

WebGL on mobile devices

WebGL on mobile devices

InfiniteGraph Added to data analysis list

InfiniteGraph Added to data analysis list

Chemistry Cartridge

ChEMBL are asking what options are there for a MySQL Chemical Structure Cartridge - the constraints are that the license needs to be Open (to commercial and non-commercial users).

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