Chemical Engineering AppSuite for iPad and iPhone has been developed by a team of chemical engineers for both professionals and students. This one-of-a-kind app features many equations and data used by chemical engineers, chemists and other engineers and integrates them with unprecedented functionality! And yes, we have also unit converters and graphing calculators.


The app is also great for any high school or college student in science and math courses. Professionals will also find it very useful!


Anyone with an interest in science, chemistry, math or engineering can find ways to use Chemical Engineering AppSuite HD!


Highlights of the app include:


Full steam table calculations based on IAPWS95 model.


Database with 1000+ common industrial and laboratory chemicals


Unit converters for temperature, pressure, length, area, time, and many, many more. Select your favorites for quick access!


Physical property calculations for more than 1000 compounds and elements including densities, vapor pressures, heat capacities, viscosities.


"ChemE Tools" for rapidly solving problems in fluid dynamics, process controls, mass/mole calculations and combustion reactions!


Periodic table of the elements with a high-resolution, zoomable view


Thermodynamic Equations of State: Rapidly solve for any variable in ideal gas, Peng-Robinson, van der Waals, SRK, and others.


Calculation of compressibility factors and graphing of individual compressibility charts via the Lee-Kesler model


Binary vapor-liquid equilibrium prediction with graphing via Raoult's Law (ideal) or Wilson Model (real). Over 675 pairs possible in the Wilson Model.


Spreadsheet, statistics, and graphing tools with a built in graphing calculator! (iPad only). The iPhone version includes a very useful calculator as well!


Matrix tools and linear equation solvers.


Randomized practice problems for mass balances.


Get data from the app and share via PDF, photos and Twitter.