Finding scientific applications for your iPhone to iPad has always been a little hit and miss since there is no “science” category on the iTunes store. To help out I created a page listing applications that I knew about, unfortunately as the number of applications increased the page became unmanageable. In addition an alphabetical listing is not the most useful way to search through them.

I’ve now transferred all the information to a database that can be searched via a web interface using the search box above.

eLABInventory is a web-based Sample and Inventory Tracking System that helps laboratories to efficiently track items in the lab.


The eLABInventory Mobile App is an extension to the eLABInventory Web App and is compatible with the eLABInventory Cloud as well as eLABInventory Private Cloud and eLABInventory On-Premise installations. The Mobile App offer the following features:


• Scan printed 2D barcodes of samples and sample series to view information and to move or archive items

• Show and make bookings for equipment

• Two-step verification with push notification to secure your account

• Receive notifications when consumables run out of stock or when experiments require signing

Chemical Engineering AppSuite for iPad and iPhone has been developed by a team of chemical engineers for both professionals and students. This one-of-a-kind app features many equations and data used by chemical engineers, chemists and other engineers and integrates them with unprecedented functionality! And yes, we have also unit converters and graphing calculators.


The app is also great for any high school or college student in science and math courses. Professionals will also find it very useful!


Anyone with an interest in science, chemistry, math or engineering can find ways to use Chemical Engineering AppSuite HD!


Highlights of the app include:


Full steam table calculations based on IAPWS95 model.


Database with 1000+ common industrial and laboratory chemicals


Unit converters for temperature, pressure, length, area, time, and many, many more. Select your favorites for quick access!


Physical property calculations for more than 1000 compounds and elements including densities, vapor pressures, heat capacities, viscosities.


"ChemE Tools" for rapidly solving problems in fluid dynamics, process controls, mass/mole calculations and combustion reactions!


Periodic table of the elements with a high-resolution, zoomable view


Thermodynamic Equations of State: Rapidly solve for any variable in ideal gas, Peng-Robinson, van der Waals, SRK, and others.


Calculation of compressibility factors and graphing of individual compressibility charts via the Lee-Kesler model


Binary vapor-liquid equilibrium prediction with graphing via Raoult's Law (ideal) or Wilson Model (real). Over 675 pairs possible in the Wilson Model.


Spreadsheet, statistics, and graphing tools with a built in graphing calculator! (iPad only). The iPhone version includes a very useful calculator as well!


Matrix tools and linear equation solvers.


Randomized practice problems for mass balances.


Get data from the app and share via PDF, photos and Twitter.

ChemE Calculator is a powerful tool with a simple interface for running VLE and steam table calculations on your iPhone or iPad, or for doing unit conversions. Ever been working a problem with your colleague, the path to real answers illuminated before you, when suddenly you need to do a quick dewpoint calc or check the heavies content in a vapor phase? How about working a startup and needed to know how much duty your steam turbine can achieve with a lower pressure source? Ever been in a meeting with the VP who's asking for sources of product loss and find yourself wishing you included the composition for the knockout drum bottoms stream in your slides? Need to look up the structure and molecular weight of beta-carotene or any other compound?


Instead of leaving the productive groove to go back to your desk, log into your computer, creak open the process simulation software, define the simulation, run the simulation and then sift through reams of output to get your answer, now you can reach into your pocket and run a few quick cases on your iPhone or iPad! Its tabular user interface draws upon the familiar look and feel of iOS. To help you get off the ground, press the circled "i" icon at the top right corner of the screen to access helpful view-specific information.


When you're done with your calc, you can email the results to yourself or anyone else!


The calculation tools available in this release are:

- Flash VLE

- Bubble P

- Dew P

- Bubble T

- Dew T

- Generalized steam tables

- Saturated vapor/liquid steam tables

- Wet steam properties

- Subcooled liquid steam tables

- Superheated vapor steam tables

- Supercritical fluid steam tables

- Unit Conversion

- Chemical Database Search (PubChem)


Units for different types of input can be selected and changed when defining feed properties, and concentrations can be entered as either mole fraction or mass fraction. Multicomponent mixtures are rigorously modeled with the Peng-Robinson equation of state, but rapid convergence is facilitated by lean graphics and an optimized backend that starts crunching numbers as soon as you hit the button. The current version includes data for 47 different components: 45 hydrocarbons (C1-C10) plus acetonitrile and N,N-dimethylformamide. Binary interaction parameters are included for 57 selected pairs.


Steam table calculations use the IAPWS-IF97 equations, representing the most up-to-date steam thermodynamics model available today. Output data can be provided in either metric or US units based on your preference.


After running your calcs, you can email the results to the address of your choice. Emails contain input data as well as calculation results, and are transmitted in simple HTML format for readability, compatibility and ease of reference. Or, you can just share your favorite kitten picture with friends.