"OsiriX HD" is a DICOM software for iOS: DICOM is the digital standard for storing and transferring medical images. OsiriX HD allows downloading and manipulating series of images directly on your iOS device. OsiriX HD is capable of displaying images from all imaging modalities (ultrasound, CT scanner, MRI, PET, etc.) in their native standard DICOM format used by the medical/scientific industry. OsiriX HD is a fully DICOM-compliant listener that can receive images from any DICOM imaging device through WiFi/3G networks. It supports these DICOM Network protocols: C-STORE SCP, C-MOVE SCU, C-FIND SCU, C-GET SCU, WADO.

This iOS app is designed to work seamlessly with any DICOM compatible software, including PACS, medical workstations, acquisition modalities. It also supports communications through the iOS built-in VPN for secure and encrypted connections.

OsiriX HD provides fast interactive image manipulation tools such as zoom, pan, cine and contrast adjustment of images through the multipoint touch screen interface.

The convenience of being able to access DICOM images remotely added to the fact that images can be previewed on the iPhone/iPad screen in a very effective and convenient way offers a new perspective for mobile teleradiology.

This iOS application can also be used as a helper application for other iOS applications: it allows to read DICOM datasets received by emails or in Safari, or to visualize DICOM datasets stored in DropBox folder, for example. It also supports a built-in URL scheme protocol (osirix://) for easy integration in RIS, HIS, or PACS environment.

HER2 Reader is a simple clinical decision support app developed primarily for pathologists and oncologists who perform predictive marker testing for breast cancer. In October 2013, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and College of American Pathologists (CAP) published updated recommendations for HER2/neu testing by immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH), significantly modifying the interpretation criteria outlined in 2007. HER2 Reader will assist providers in adopting these new recommendations, as well as the 2010 ASCO/CAP recommendations for estrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PgR) testing.

A clinical decision-making mobile platform, Breast Cancer @Point of Care™ provides a streamlined reference tool for clinicians to obtain content when it is needed—enabling better decisions, better outcomes, and better care.

• Continually updated breast cancer content from expert physician authors
• Topics in diagnosis, treatment, and care management
• Case studies, videos, and interviews
• Access to actionable patient-recorded data
• Detailed reference list with access to original sources
• Continuing medical education credit (CME/CE)
• Surveys and peer polling
• Patient education resources to share with patients

Breast Cancer @Point of CareTM is designed to:
• Support discovery and practice change
• Provide relevant, evidence-based disease-specific medical content
• Improve patient outcomes at the point of care

Target Audience:
This CME/CE program is intended for oncologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, radiologists, primary care clinicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and other oncology healthcare team members that treat and care for patients with breast cancer.

Based on the Claus model (Claus, et al. Cancer, 73: 643-51, 1994.) the goal of this app is to provide a means of assessing age-specific risk of breast cancer for women with a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer. This tool is not a substitution for formal cancer risk assessment by a skilled clinician.