The HyClone Media and Sera app provides an easy way to find the Media, Sera and Reagents for your application from the entire HyClone catalog. For each category of product, select the key criteria that meet your needs, and the app will identify the most suitable products, along with their catalog number and specifications. You can save the products you use most frequently to “MyLab” for future reference

Culture in real time

The success of your cell culture relies upon controlling the variables to ensure consistency. The Gibco® Cell Culture Companion app helps you eliminate variability by allowing you to record cell culture data in the lab, as it happens. Capture and store vital experiment information on your iPhone or iPad in the lab as you count cells, perform cell culture calculations and generate growth curves. And when you're finished, you can export all data files to your Mac or PC.

The app includes the following tools to simplify the daily task of working with cells:

• Lab timer (run up to 4 at once)
• Cell counter - replace your outdated click counter
• Dilution helper – simple solutions calculator for everyday use
• Cell viability calculator – import counts from our cell counter or enter in your cell counts directly into the app
• Cell passaging tool – passage cells with ease by importing in cell count data or importing in cell viability from previous tools
• Quick doubling time calculator
• Plot growth curves and doubling time from saved data – send plots to your inbox for saving in your lab notebook
• Cell culture basics training manual and videos
• Built in data storage and management – store, save and export all your data in one device

PCR Essentials: Product Guide and ProFlex™ PCR System Remote Connectivity

Plan your research without even being in the lab by connecting your ProFlex PCR system with your mobile device!

NEW: Interact Remotely with your ProFlex™ PCR system using your mobile device.
· Find product information on Taq Polymerases, dNTP, Gels and stains, RT-PCR products, cDNA products and master mixes and also adding them to your cart for check out on
· The Master Mix Calculator will help you design and edit your PCR master mixes on the fly. Your calculations will be stored in the cloud and accessible from either your iPad or iPhone, or use the app to email/text them to yourself so you can print them off and paste into your notebook.
· Watch fun and educational videos on PCR as well to help you learn more about techniques and strategies to maximize your PCR experience.

Note: The PCR Essentials iOS app and all associated content are for research use only.

Get help from a special team of experts in qPCR while on the move. MIQE - qPCR helps you in reviewing scientific works and checking your own experiments, when qPCR is involved. Check your project's compliancy to MIQE in minutes, have all required references in hands, and follow qPCR events and news. Add to that, iCloud features are now included, so you can keep working on all your devices with the same data.

· The qPCR turns digital, so does this app. All new checklists, references dedicated to ddPCR are included!
· Now MIQE qPCR app is even more interactive. For the first time ever, checklists are optimized in real time: you can reach 100% for every project if you are MIQE compliant.
· Checklists are specific for each project type: just click on the kind of nucleic acid you are working with, the checklists adapts instantly by removing unnecessary items (Reverse transcription items are not relevant if working only on DNA for instance).
· Moreover, some items may not apply to your specific experiments. You can now remove them and have the most accurate MIQE compliancy.
· References have been updated, so you can keep in touch with latest MIQE related literature, symposium updates and more.
· Last but not least: Export is available. You can archive the state of your project whenever you want, share it with your colleagues, and store it.