Chemical/biochemical pocket companion designed by the editors of Current Protocols. Choose from a list of all of the commonly used biological buffer systems, enter your desired volume, pH, and buffer concentration, as well as the concentrations of your stock solutions of the conjugate acid and base, and the calculator will inform you of the exact volumes of these stock solutions to mix in order to obtain the buffer needed.

QIAGEN’s iPhone and iPad Apps — simplifying your daily work at the lab bench


The QIAGEN App is a great resource for iPhone and iPad users that helps to ease and simplify your daily work in the lab. The app provides simultaneous multiple lab timers, tables of many commonly used lab buffers and solutions, a variety of conversion and dilution calculators.


The latest version of the QIAGEN App includes Quick-Start Protocols for QIAGEN sample technologies, PCR and next-generation sequencing, human identity testing and forensics, food safety testing and other great applications.


The app also includes packages for users of QIAcube, QIAgility, QIAxpert and Rotor-Gene Q providing protocol sheets, support documents, tutorials and updates.

Welcome to the BioLegend Lab Tools application. This app is full of calculators and converters that should come in very hand in the lab or in the classroom. We have included the following calculators:


Antibody Usage Calculator

Numeric Calculator

g to RPM Calculator

ED50/Specific Activity Calculator

Gram Calculator

Molarity Calculator

Moles/Grams Calculator

°F/°C Converter


Dilution Calculator

Metric/US Standard Converter

As well as links to our current web tools. enables discovery & sharing of science protocol knowledge with ease.

When doing an experiment, it is also a guide that keeps track of where you are in the protocol, shows you what is next and alerts you when it is time to move to the next step.

Run and record your private protocols or any of the common public methods on