Poly-pharmacology of molecular structures: use structure activity relationships to view predicted activities against biological targets, physical properties, and off-targets to avoid. Calculations are done using Bayesian models and other kinds of calculations that are performed on the device.

This fact-filled, image-rich app is the only periodic table you need.

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Did you know that neodymium is used in microphones? Or europium in Euro bank notes to help stop counterfeiting? These are just two of the absorbing facts in our free, user-friendly and customisable app, based on our popular and well-respected Royal Society of Chemistry Periodic Table website.

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SciKey is a Scientific Keyboard that brings you the essential scientific characters for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Fully customizable, with more than 3,000 characters to choose from, to build your perfect keyboard (requires in-app purchase).

It includes Greek and Latin letters, mathematical symbols, emoji and much more missing from the standard iOS keyboard. It also works for text snippets.

You can use it from all your applications: on the web, composing emails, taking notes, writing your next publication... it simply works everywhere

Introducing a revolutionary advancement in bringing engaging chemistry education to younger students, underfunded school districts, and curious learners: Tactillium. Tactillium is a cutting edge mobile application developed by a group of five high school students, which won Best in Nation in the 2014 Verizon Innovative App Challenge. The app, the first of its kind, is a full fledged virtual chemistry platform which allows curious minds to perform chemical reactions in an immersive 3D lab environment. In addition, the Tactillium app will soon come with additional classroom features including a teacher administration portal and advanced network-based assessment tools, creating a complete solution for integrating technology into the modern classroom. It is designed to function on student-owned smartphones and laptops along with school-owned tablets and computers.