ModelAR by Alchemie is a powerful 3D modeling tool for students looking to practice organic chemistry. You can explore chemical structures by creating a molecule on the workspace and quickly toggle to pop into AR. This Augmented Reality feature allows you to interact with virtual molecules in real space. ModelAR brings chemistry to life.


Gestures are simple and intuitive! Simply drag an atom from the side bar onto the main workspace to start building. Drag between atoms to create new chemical bonds. Swipe to rotate molecule and spin bonds quickly. Explore perspectives with our focus tool. Once you’re done, reset your screen in a spectacular explosion!


ModelAR is a great way to supplement your organic chemistry learning materials. No other study tool or app provides a truly immersive, 3D method to build and manipulate molecules & chemical structures.


• Create & explore organic molecules in real space

• Transform tough organic chemistry concepts like stereochemistry into play

• A truly interactive way to improve your understanding of chemical structures

• Experiment with a wide variety of molecules

• Easy toggle into AR from workspace

• Simple & clean design

• Intuitive controls & gestures

• Playful rhythms & sounds


Download ModelAR today & make organic chemistry a fun experience!


Break up with your plastic model set!