NMR Solvent Peaks is a conveniently-searchable version of the ungainly table of NMR data most organic chemists keep a copy of nearby. Instead of searching through the table for a peak near your unidentified peak, just enter your solvent and the peak's multiplicity and location and you'll have a short list of candidate impurities.

NMR Solvent Peaks has support for searching both proton and carbon data, and references the widely-distributed 2010 Organometallics paper by Gregory Fulmer and coworkers and the 2016 OPRD paper by Gregory Whiteker and coworkers.

Feature Highlights:
- search proton data by solvent, multiplicity, and ppm
- search carbon data by solvent and ppm
- optionally exclude compounds you don't expect to see
- rearrange solvents list to prioritize those you use most
- select "?" for ppm to see a list of all impurities in the app's database