Atomsmith Molecule Lab is an app that will improve your understanding of chemistry. Learning (and teaching) chemistry presents a unique challenge: it depends on the ability to "see" 3D shapes and interactions of molecules we can't actually see -- they are too small. Scientists use 3D simulation and visualization models, based on published science, to overcome this challenge. Atomsmith Molecule Lab makes these particle models accessible to everyone, enabling students of science to interact with molecules and to perform experiments at the atomic scale.

Because Atomsmith Molecule Lab's models are 3D, physically accurate, and interactive (NOT 2D animated cartoons or videos to be watched passively), you can use it to do real science, and by performing hands-on experiments yourself, you learn real science. It's the perfect tool to satisfy the Next Generation Science Standards' requirements for digital media, modeling and data interpretation, in conjunction with illustrating the structure and properties of matter.