Use ChemSearch for the iPAD to draw and search chemical structures to identify the right chemical for your research. Search a huge range of chemical compounds including AcroSeal anhydrous solvents, organometallics, precious metals, inorganics and building blocks. Utilizing the latest chemical drawing technology and Thermo Fisher Scientific’s broad range of Acros Organics and Alfa Aesar chemicals and reagants, ChemSearch is powerful tool to identify the right chemical compound and get fast reliable safety and technical information.

The app is for all ages and can be used in any chemistry discipline.

App Features:
*Search by name, molecular formula, CAS registry number or key word
*Easy to use drawing function with periodic table and saving options
*Search results delivers catalog #, chemical name, molecular formula, chemical structure and CAS registry number
*Dive down to the item detail and get physical properties, specifications and safety information
*Links to for pricing, availability, purchasing options and so much more