The freedom to explore! With Asteris, you can quickly discover high quality drug design ideas, anywhere, at any time. Asteris combines Chirys™ Draw’s patented (U.S. Patent No. 9754085) gestures and interface with StarDrop’s™ visually informative predictive modeling. Guided by the Glowing Molecule™ visualization, you get instant feedback on your design ideas. The time to identify high quality compound designs is dramatically reduced, allowing you to converge more quickly on the most promising candidates for further study.
Create better designed compounds!
Explore compound designs at project meetings or conference seminars!
Present your ideas at project or group meetings!

Collaborate with your colleagues!

Calculate “core properties” for an unlimited number of molecules for free. Calculate ADME properties for twenty new compounds each month, free of charge. Additional ADME property calculations can be purchased via an in-app purchase.
See the how-to-use videos on the Asteris web site.
Key Features:
• Create fast analogs of lead compounds
• Visualize how structural changes in your analogs affect important pharmaceutical properties
• Calculate “core properties,” including logP, molecular weight, TPSA, hydrogen bond donors and acceptors, and rotatable bonds
• Calculates ADME properties, including solubility, hERG inhibition, and CNS penetration
• Draw complex structures easily with Chirys Draw’s intuitive touch interface
• Export molecules and properties in industry-standard formats
• Share molecules with nearby colleagues using AirDrop
• Airdrop transfer to your Macintosh
• Print your molecule library with properties shown