Calculate the possibilities! Fast and easy GC pressure and flow calculations at your fingertips.

This portable version of the GC pressure/flow calculator can be used to instantly and accurately determine pressures and flows through open tubular capillary columns. The GC Calculator is a fast and simple way to:

> See how different GC conditions affect column flow and pressure before setting up a system

> Determine if your current column dimensions are appropriate or what your inlet pressure should be when switching from GC (atmospheric pressure) to GC/MS (vacuum)

> Calculate new parameters when switching to a different carrier gas, such as going from helium to hydrogen for faster chromatography

> Predict holdup times during troubleshooting

> Check if your inlet can handle higher pressures associated with narrow bore capillary columns

> And more!

How it works:

1. Select your column dimensions (internal diameter, film thickness, and length). Double-tap column length to enter an exact value.
2. Choose your outlet pressure (atmospheric, vacuum, or other); if you select Other, an input box will appear where you can type in a specific value
3. Choose your carrier gas (H2, He, or N2)
4. Set your oven temperature using the slider or double-tap to enter an exact value
5. In the Inlet Pressure mode, use the slider to select the outlet flow or double-tap to enter an exact value—the calculated inlet pressure is displayed at the top of the screen
6. In the Outlet Flow mode, use the slider to select the inlet pressure or double-tap to enter an exact value—the calculated outlet flow is displayed at the top of the screen

Pressure can be displayed in psi, KPa, or bar and can be changed at any time. You also can display average velocity and holdup time. Simply select your preferences in Settings.

This useful tool can help users of all gas chromatographs and columns, but is especially useful for an Agilent 7890A, 7820A, 6890 Series, or 6850 Series GC system with our state-of-the-art electronic pneumatics control (EPC) and high-quality Agilent J&W capillary columns.