- Easily calculate Molarity, Total Solution Volume, Solute Mass, or Molecular Weight.

- Simply input three of the four variables and the fourth is calculated automatically.

- The units can be changed for Total Solution Volume, Solute Mass, or Molecular Weight.

- In-App purchase available to create and store compounds for quick access.

The Molarity Abacus is a simple and easy way to do molarity calculations. Simply input any three of the four variables and the fourth will be instantly calculated. Includes full help documentation on each screen.


ModelAR by Alchemie is a powerful 3D modeling tool for students looking to practice organic chemistry. You can explore chemical structures by creating a molecule on the workspace and quickly toggle to pop into AR. This Augmented Reality feature allows you to interact with virtual molecules in real space. ModelAR brings chemistry to life.


Gestures are simple and intuitive! Simply drag an atom from the side bar onto the main workspace to start building. Drag between atoms to create new chemical bonds. Swipe to rotate molecule and spin bonds quickly. Explore perspectives with our focus tool. Once you’re done, reset your screen in a spectacular explosion!


ModelAR is a great way to supplement your organic chemistry learning materials. No other study tool or app provides a truly immersive, 3D method to build and manipulate molecules & chemical structures.


• Create & explore organic molecules in real space

• Transform tough organic chemistry concepts like stereochemistry into play

• A truly interactive way to improve your understanding of chemical structures

• Experiment with a wide variety of molecules

• Easy toggle into AR from workspace

• Simple & clean design

• Intuitive controls & gestures

• Playful rhythms & sounds


Download ModelAR today & make organic chemistry a fun experience!


Break up with your plastic model set!

Molecular Constructor is a free 3D modeling software for building molecules. Using this application user can design a molecule and optimize its geometry at the same time.


The more advanced desktop version can be found at the project website: http://molconstr.com/


My Molecularium is a fun and challenging molecule building game. Launch atoms at target bond sites to assemble essential molecules of increasing complexity and difficulty. Move your device to direct your shots using the laser-guided gyroscopic aim. Use and learn chemical and structural formulas to help you build a wide range of fascinating molecules, from water and vitamin C to caffeine and adrenaline.

Featuring Oxy, Carbón and the crew of atom characters and MEL, the computer of the Molecularium, from the Giant Screen adventure Molecules to the MAX !

My Molecularium features hours of mind-expanding gameplay. Encountering new challenges on every level while building and learning over 30 accurate 3D molecular models has excellent and rewarding replay value.

Excellent educational value! Learn essential concepts of chemistry easily through play and effortlessly understand molecular structures of our Universe. Fun yet rewarding, not a waste of time. Your parents will encourage to play.

• Laser-guided Gyroscopic Aiming
• Move your device to aim
• Variable speed launch control
• Accurate 3D Molecular Models
• Learn chemical and structural formulas
• Learn fun facts about molecules and their properties
• Rapid Fire Power Shot (in app purchase)
• Build over 30 different molecules
• 3 levels with new challenges each level
• Time, accuracy and completion bonuses
• Leaderboard and lots of achievements
• Challenge your friends with your high score
• Phenomenally fun physic-based motions
• Trajectory bending atomic attraction
• Innovative and inspiring gameplay
• Unlimited fulfilling fun

Use the unique fun-based constructive powers of My Molecularium to change the way you look at everything forever.