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Finding scientific applications for your iPhone to iPad has always been a little hit and miss since there is no “science” category on the iTunes store. To help out I created a page listing applications that I knew about, unfortunately as the number of applications increased the page became unmanageable. In addition an alphabetical listing is not the most useful way to search through them.

I’ve now transferred all the information to a database that can be searched via a web interface (see below), I've tried to tag all apps with appropriate comments so hopefully searching should identify the relevant applications.


The site is available at, I’ve started to categorise applications to aid navigation but I’d be interested to hear of any suggestions.

Currently there are over 250 entries covering an extensive area of science, if I’ve missed any please let me know and I’ll add them. Search results can be refined as shown below.


In the news section I’ve added links to publications and presentations that might be interesting.

I’d encourage to have a look around and I’d be interested to hear any comments or suggestions.

(The entires below are no longer updated)

3D Brain Use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures. Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and how it is involved in mental illness. Each detailed structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research

3D Cell Learn about the cell and all its structures using our new 3D Cell

3D Cell stain simulation Learn about the cell and all its structures using the new 3D Cell tool. Enjoy the ability to rotate the cell 360 degrees and zoom in on any cell structure. Choose from a list of cell structures to learn more about how each structure functions and relates to the other components of the cell. Dive even deeper and create your own stained cell image by using Molecular Probes™ products. 3D Molecules Edit&Drill designed to enable students to build, construct, modify and examine molecules in 3D. ACS Mobile provides up-to-the-minute access to recent peer-reviewed research publications across the Society's research journals, including the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

The Aldrich Handbook of Fine Chemicals for your iPad, Convenient alphabetical browsing of chemical substances in list or grid view Substance pages with key technical properties, chemical structures, and links to corresponding products on for additional information,Ability to search by product name, synonym, CAS number, and product number with alphabetically returned results Approved Drugs app contains over a thousand chemical structures and names of small molecule drugs approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Structures and names can be browsed in a list, searched by name, filtered by structural features, and ranked by similarity to a user-drawn structure. The detail view allows viewing of a 3D conformation as well as tautomers. Structures can be exported in a variety of ways, e.g. email, twitter, clipboard Atom in a box an aid for visualizing the Hydrogenic atomic orbitals, the three-dimensional states that the electron occupies in Hydrogen, a prime and otherwise unwieldy example of Quantum Mechanics. It interactively shows what the Hydrogen atom "looks" like.

Atoms in Motion a fully interactive atomistic simulation that uses sophisticated Molecular Dynamics (MD) algorithms to perform computational chemistry calculations right on your iPad.

Ball & Stick is a high-quality molecular visualization app for the iPad. The app is perfect for people interested in molecular modeling, structural biology, biochemistry, and computer-aided drug design. Beilstein Journals App is available free of charge for iOS. Use this app to read all articles of the two Open Access journals Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry and Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology. BioGPS free extensible and customizable gene annotation portal, a complete resource for learning about gene and protein function. BioLegend Tools , this application provides you with important information about your mouse and human CD Molecules, Cytokines and Chemokines. It also includes BioLegend pathway posters, an antibody usage calculator, and a lab timer. BioRad Real-Time PCR iPhone Application is an easy-to-use qPCR resource that includes the qPCR Guide for researchers who want to learn more about designing, analyzing, and optimizing real-time PCR experiments. BioTechniques The International Journal of Life Science Methods – Now on Your Mobile Device BioTechniques provides open access to high-quality, peer-reviewed papers on laboratory techniques and protocols. Now in its 52nd volume, BioTechniques has over 80,000 print subscribers worldwide. Brain Lab is a brain cell simulator, currently it offers 1. A passive integrate and fire model 2. A full Hodgkin-Huxley model with sodium and potassium channels 3. A Library to learn more about brain science

Buffers  a tool for designing buffer solutions for pH control. Buffers is useful both as a handy reference of available buffering agents and as an accurate, portable buffer calculator for chemical, biochemical and biological research.

CalcKit - lets you create your own personalized calculators Call For Papers helps you keep track of information about upcoming conferences and journal publications. It retrieves the data from WikiCFP, the number one community resource on the Internet, which is used by the majority of researchers and education institutions to announce paper submission deadlines The Cell Alerts iPhone application allows you to keep up to date with articles published in Cell Press research journals, and upcoming conferences in your field. Cell Imaging HD This mobile app is designed to help you find fluorescent dyes, reagents and protocols for cell biology related fluorescence microscopy applications. Chem+ is a chemical reference for your iPad. Databases Include: * NIOSH Pocket Guide (NPG) * Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) * Toxicity (TOX) * the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) Chem3D for iPad is a molecule viewing app that allows viewing 3D molecular structures, it can display PDB, MOL and C3XML files. chemCal is a basic chemistry concentration (molarity, moles per liter) and dilutions calculator for students of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and biomedical sciences at school, college or university. ChemDoodle Mobile is a calculator for drawn organic structures. ChemDoodle Mobile calculates many properties that are useful for structure and mass spectrum analysis, including an isotopic distribution. It also simulates interactive NMR spectra that are useful for research in the lab. Now you can take the power of ChemDoodle with you everywhere. ChemDoodle Web Components, while not specifically an iPhone/iPad app these web components allow chemical depiction on all platforms. ChemDraw for iPad is the mobile version of the desktop chemical drawing package, I’ve written a review here. ChemFormula is a molecular formula and weight calculator ideal for students and anyone else who needs to quickly translate arbitrarily complex formulas into empirical formulas with molecular weights. Written by chemists, it includes support for a large number of common chemical abbreviations, functional groups, and protecting groups. ChemiCal ChemiCal is a simple chemistry application that takes a given chemical formula and returns the mass of one mole of that chemical. Chemical Safety Data Sheets - ICS This application displays International Chemical Safety Cards [ICSC] produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Labour Office (ILO), and the World Health Organization (WHO). Chemistry Formulas This application can provide every possible formulas for anyone who study in AP Chemistry, including Common ions and their charges, Equations and Constants, Chemistry Fundamentals, Atoms and Subatomic Particles, Molecular mass, Molecular formula and empirical formula, Balancing Chemical equations, Temperature conversion, Ideal Gas Laws.

ChemSpider Mobile allows you to search the ChemSpider chemical database, provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry on your iPhone or iPad. Compounds can be searched by structure or by name, and browsed within the app. Results can be examined by jumping to the web page. Search structures are drawn using the powerful MMDS molecular diagram editor. ChemWeight - a molecular weight calculator oriented toward organic and medicinal chemists Chemjuice chemical drawing package.

ChemJuice Grande drawing package and more designed to take advantage of the extra real estate on the iPad.

ChemMobi uses Symyx, ChemSpider and Discoverygate webservices to access online chemical information.

Chem Solver Lite This app provides easy to access chemistry information and tables as well as equation solvers for almost all general chemistry equation.

Chirys Draw is an innovative, best-in-class application for drawing publication-quality molecular structures and reactions. Designed from the ground up for the iPad, Chirys Draw takes advantage of unique multi-touch capabilities to make drawing molecular structures and reactions easy and accurate. Chirys™ Sketch is an innovative, best-in-class application for drawing publication-quality molecular structures and reactions. Designed and built from Chirys Draw, the iPad version, Chirys Sketch takes advantage of unique multi-touch capabilities to make drawing molecular structures easy and accurate. Clinical is a powerful, professional search tool that provides mobile access to information on more than 98,000 registered clinical trials from the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health database. CloningBench Restriction Enzyme Finder - Search by cut-site, name or buffer type, obtain technical data that you can share easily with others and order directly from your mobile device. Double Digest Finder - Find the correct buffer and concentration when digesting DNA with two restriction enzymes. Competent Cell Selection Guide - Quickly find the right competent cell for your cloning application and order easily. Search for chemically competent or electrocompetent cells, desired transformation efficiency, specialized application or packaging format that suits your needs. CMol is a molecular viewer designed specifically for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, offering a more powerful system for displaying and understanding biological molecules than has yet been seen on any iOS device.

Compounds Stoichiometry or "grams-to-moles" calculations. CueMol viewer for iOS is an interactive macromolecular viewer for structural biologists. CueMol viewer allows the users to open and view the scene files made by the desktop version of CueMol, and the Protein Data Bank (PDB) format files, as well. DailyCalcs Molarity Calculator, Dilution Calculator, Molecular Weight Calculator, Cell Culture Reference Charts, Unit Converter

DASGIP iApp allows remote control of your parallel bioreactor systems via Wifi or 3G mobile networks

DataAnalysis is a general purpose iPad App for the plotting and analysis of all types of data that can be formulated as x,y pairs. The program can be used easily by both students and professionals. It is particularly useful for quick analysis of various types of data by curve fitting, analysis of data via a standard curve. Dilutions Dilutions contains several calculators that help perform serial dilutions, molar and percentage calculations as well as make SDS-Page gels.

Elemental from Dotmatics a Chemistry Sketch Utility EleMints a totally interactive Periodic Table for the iPhone and iPod Touch. However, it not only offers a Periodic Table, but also a Plot Graph, Element listing, Molar Mass Calculator.

Epicentral is a network-based iPhone and iPodTouch application that displays a global map (and an earthquake-activity timeline when the phone is rotated) and list of earthquake epicenters for events that occurred during the last week.

Epocrates info on drug dosing and side effects. Experimental Assistant from Nano3D Biosciences. This application helps organize and analyze data from experiments. It take manual photos and automatic shooting for multiple images and time lapse movies, and stores them in albums for easy access later Fluorescence Spectraviewer Plot and compare spectra, check the spectral compatibility for many fluorophores and email the configuration to yourself or others in the lab in a clear printable format. This mobile SpectraViewer acts as an extension of our online SpectraViewer tool which can be found at GeneticCode handy reference tool for students and researchers. Geograph GIS system. GLmol. Free and open source 3D molecular viewer based on WebGL and Javascript. GLmol runs on newer versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. Internet Explorer is not supported. GLmol also runs on WebGL enabled safari in iOS. Graph application makes several 2D and 3D graph types on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can insert your own data from the pasteboard, fetch it from web servers and insert and edit using a table interface. Data can also be formed via linear regression, location and accelerometer sensors. Graphs can be animated, rotated, zoomed, panned and altered in various ways. Thousands of graphic, graph and data attributes, including customized artwork, autoscaling and many other attributes can be set using a skinning version of Vvidget Builder (an optional Mac OS X desktop application) and applying the skin to this Graph application. Google Earth is useful for geologists Graphbook is a collection of 2D, 3D and 4D interactive graphing examples from SpaceTime. Move, pinch and rotate graphs and fractals in real-time GraphCalc free graphing calculator Green Solvents Reference card for chemical solvents, with data regarding their "greenness": safety, health and environmental effects. Based on the American Chemical Society GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable Solvent Selection Guide, Version 2.0 (April 2011). GrowthCurves is a portable spreadsheet for researchers working with cell cultures. HPLC Calc Calculates conditions for transfer of an isocratic or gradient method from one HPLC column to another. Recommends flow rates for analytical columns. Allows method scaling from microbore through preparative column range based on the 2 sets of column variables (column length, column I.D., particle size) and current method conditions (flow rate, injection volume, pressure, run time, equilibration time). iChemistry Chemical Equation Balancer and Stoichiometry Calculator. iCut DNA lets you search the Restriction Enzyme Database (REBASE) for enzymes and the DNA nucleotide sequences they cleave. iFormulas is a clean, simple, easy to use mathematical formula reference guide. Formulas : Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Geometry and Trigonometry. Over 380 formulas, definitions, laws, properties, etc. iHyperChem This free version allows you to create,display, and manipulate molecular structures. It does not allow calculations nor does it have the ability to send computations to a Server Version of Professional HyperChem. Nor does it allow bidirectional transfer of molecules from a Professional HyperChem server as does the Level 1 product. iHyperChem Level 1 This Level 1 version of iHyperChem allows you to create and manipulate molecular systems and explore their structure. It also allows WiFi access to any Professional HyperChem server so that molecules, computations, and results can be transferred between the mobile client (iPhone or iPad) and the server. The molecular systems existing on the mobile client are rendered in a variety of ways and can be conveniently rotated, translated, zoomed, etc. HyperChem's traditional selection operation is implemented so that you can explore bond lengths, angles, and torsions as well as other capabilities that selection of a subset of a molecule provides. For example, one can select a side chain and rotate that side chain only. iKinase, search for Kinase targets by standardized names, identify top-active molecules for each target, and drill-down into more detail iKinasePro, With iKinasePro not only do you gain access to the most recent release of the Eidogen-Sertanty's Kinase Knowledgebase (KKB), but you can also survey this large database with substructure-, similarity-, and super-similarity searches. ImageVis3D Mobile import 3D images of medical CT or MRI scans. iMaths reference for maths iMolecularBuilder an application that can view, edit and build molecules in 3D. Users can easily analyze a molecular structure by rotating, moving, and zooming it. iMolDraw is an application that can view, edit and build molecules in 2D. iMolview is an app for the iPhone and iPad that lets you browse protein, DNA, and drug molecules in 3D. The app has a direct link to the Protein Data Bank (PDB) and DrugBank and has a fast and easy to use interface. Touching the molecules via the screen allows you to interact immediately with the 3D structures in a unique way. You can zoom in and out, rotate, spin, pan, and clip the 3D molecules with your finger tips iOS:Chart an interactive chart library of iOS and Mac OSX iPhysics physics reference iPharosDreams is a molecular visualization app for iPad that allows you to perform in-silico drug discovery. This app basically has functions that download protein structure files from Protein Data Bank, display 3D molecules, touch, rotation, zoom in/out. Hierarchy structure of molecules is shown with a table that select precisely components in a protein and related things. Above all, you can generate pharmacophores and analyze 3D protein-ligand interaction of biological macromolecules for in-silico drug discovery. You can select a ligand from a protein and generate a binding site from the selected ligand. From the binding site, also you can generate receptor based pharmacophores and get inspiration for good hit compounds interact with the protein well. iProtein provides access to the world’s largest repository of protein structures and models - Eidogen-Sertanty's Target Informatics Platform (TIP) that enables researchers with the ability to interrogate the druggable genome from a structural perspective. iResearch was created to allow the user to read American Institute of Physics article content offline and store articles locally. The application caches all content that it receives, and does require a wireless or wifi connection to obtain the content initially and to subsequently update that content. irisnote is the science lab notebook that replaces pen and paper with secure, accurate, and reliable data management. irisnote is purpose-built for laboratory documentation best practices and complete study organization. IR Spec Check is designed for organic chemists and students to quickly analyze absorbance peaks from an infrared spectroscopy graph. IR Spec Check recognizes over 75 absorbance frequencies and matches frequencies with possible R-groups. iScience reference for Maths, Physics and Chemistry. There are about 2500 formulas and images which are all very high-quality graphics, Insensitive (Incredible Nuclear Spin EvolutioN SImulation Tool Intended for Visual Education) Isotopia is an isotopic distribution calculator and plotter, a molecular mass calculator and an isotopes database. Isotope Data abundance, half-life, weight, decay modes, spin. iSpartan creates molecules as familiar 2D sketches, directly converts these into 3D structures, and calculates low energy conformations. Atomic and molecular properties, NMR and infrared spectra, molecular orbitals and electrostatic potential maps are available from a 5,000 molecule subset of the Spartan Spectra and Properties Database (SSPD). The database may also be searched by substructure. Properties, spectra and graphical models of molecules in the SSPD subset are available for examination Journal of Cell Biology appallows immediate access to full-text articles. The original international cell biology journal, JCB now travels wherever you do. You can read full-text articles anywhere at anytime, even without a network connection. The app, designed for easy reading and browsing on any iOS device. JSDraw 100% javascript chemical structure viewer/editor. Display & draw chemical/biological structures, Molecules, reactions, biological sequences & polymers. File conversion using JSDraw Web Services LabAssistant Chemical Compatibility Guide This chemical compatibility guide will allow you to either check what materials will work with the chemicals you are using or planning to use; or to view what compatibility rating given to a material you are planning to use. LabCal a utility to calculate the molarity, to convert gram and mole and to compute dilutions of stock solutions LabCalPro enhanced utility to calculate the molarity, to convert gram and mole and to compute dilutions of stock solutions Lab Counter is a tallying app, specifically designed for the scientists and medical laboratory workers. Labguru this is a mobile app for iPad, iPhone and iPod A complement to your Labguru account, Labguru Mobile assists you with 4 essential functions: Record images of results and link them to their specific experiment, Drill down into your lab's storage locations, Manage orders and inventory with the shopping list, Retrieve protocols on your bench to execute experiments then automatically integrate results into your Labguru account Labguru for iPad is a companion app to the Labguru web application. The app enables Labguru users to conduct and update their experiments from the lab bench. The app makes it possible to run and track multiple experiments, record notes and results while performing an experiment, and to sync the data with the Labguru web application. LabTimer LabTimer is a count-up and alarming count-down multi-timer. Least Squares computes and displays linear regression of 2D points. To operate copy some x y points, select the Edit tab, paste the points into the text view and then click the Dots or Labels tab. Alternatively, edit the existing data with the keypad and then click the Dots or Labels tab. Life Technologies Protocols App provides quick, convenient access to popular Applied Biosystems or Invitrogen product protocols. Each protocol is presented with concise step-by-step instructions, along with easy access to the complete product manual Living Molecules is an app that allows capturing, archiving and creating of molecular glyphs, which function like QR codes for chemical structures, reactions and data MathStudio, formerly SpaceTime, is the most comprehensive math app available for iPhone and iPad. Whether you need a simple calculator to do your finances or a replacement for your TI graphing calculator MathRef a math reference application that includes over 1,400 helpful formulas, figures, tips and examples Math Touch Visual system-of-equation entry, Numerical precision tracking, Automatic unit conversion, Dimensional analysis, Abstract vector math, Multi-touch plotting, Helpful user warnings, Built-in physical constants & astronomical observations MetPetDB is a database for metamorphic petrology that is being designed and built by a global community of metamorphic petrologists in collaboration with computer scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as part of the National Cyberinfrastructure Initiative and supported by the National Science Foundation Mild EleMints 2 Mild EleMints 2 is the interactive Periodic Table for the iPad. It is the free version of EleMints, which not only offers a Periodic Table, but also a Plot Graph, Element listing, Electron Diagram and a wealth of information on every element. Mobile MIM FDA approved medical imaging and diagnostics Mobile Molecular Datasheet The Mobile Molecular DataSheet (MMDS) provides a way to view and edit chemical structure diagrams on an iPhone, iPod or iPad. The unique and innovative sketcher is optimized for the touchscreen interface, and allows professional quality molecular structures to be drawn quickly and efficiently. MObile REagents (MORE) is a scientific app that gives you access to over 5 million molecules and 11 million chemical product variations offered by more than 50 different suppliers. Also a picture of a chemical structure taken from the iPhone camera can be converted into a structurally searchable molecule using OSRA (Optical Structure Recognition Application) Mobile Science - Acceleration records, graphs and emails the iPod/iPhone/iPad accelerometer measurement Molarity a chemistry calculator tool that generates lab-ready directions describing how to prepare an acid or base solution of a specified molarity or normality from a concentrated acid or base solution. A second tab includes a general molarity function that calculates the mass of any reagent needed to prepare a given volume of solution of desired molarity. A third tab features a stock dilution function that calculates how to dilute a stock solution of any known molarity to your desired volume and molarity. Molecules is an application for viewing three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulating them using your fingers. MolPrime is a chemical structure drawing tool based on the unique sketcher from the Mobile Molecular DataSheet MolSim: real-time 2D molecular simulation of spherical atoms in your pocket... Explore the phase diagram by varying density and temperature. MolWeight a simple tool for scientists and students that allows calculation of the molecular weight and other key properties of peptides and oligonucleotides from their sequence. In addition, a calculator is provided for determining the molecular weight of any substance from its chemical formula MyCalculator is an innovative 2D and 3D graphing calculator featuring One Touch Graphing™ and an innovative memory system to store and recall answers. Just touch the answer bar to store numbers in multiple memory slots. MyGenome allows you to explore a real human genome. My Lab, your iPAD is now a lab notebook, protocols organizer, lab inventory and much more. My lab was conceptualized and developed under the scientific expertise of Mahendra Rao MD PhD and Hue Medscience. My lab is a customizable app that lets you keep your lab data private and enables sharing of the content you want enabling full control of your files. Named Reactions Pro Named Reactions Pro contains details on over 300 organic reactions, from the acetoacetic ester synthesis to the Zincke reaction. Reactions are fully indexed and searchable, and can be visually browsed through an intuitive "reaction card" view NatureMobile Read nature on your mobile. NEBTools brings New England Biolabs’ most popular web tools to your iPhone. Use Enzyme Finder to select a restriction enzyme by category or recognition sequence, or search by name to find information on any NEB enzyme Nice Molecules is an app to discover the chemical molecules that are all around us and are the basis of life, that you hear about in the news, that have played in important role in history or in industrial processes. NIOSH Chemical Hazards In addition to the complete contents of the pocket guide it includes the following enhanced functionality: - Searchable Index of Chemical Names, Synonyms and Trade Names - Searchable index of CAS Numbers - Searchable index of RTECS Numbers NMR Isotopes allows you to keep reference data for all NMR-active isotopes in your pocket. OnScreen DNA Model™ 2.0 for iPad provides students (and all persons interested in DNA) with a way to reach a deeper, more intuitive understanding of DNA structure OnScreen DNA Model™ 2.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch Oracle Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile for Apple iPad and Apple iPhone is a mobile analytics application that allows users to view, analyze and take action on Oracle Business Intelligence content. Organic Chemistry Express Organic Chemistry Express is the most comprehensive reference tool 800 organic compounds, 400 organic reactions, 200 reaction mechanism. Papers puts your entire research literature database in your pocket, available at your fingertips wherever you go. PCalc scientific calculator for scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or indeed anybody looking for a feature-rich calculator for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Periodic Table of the Elements a standard periodic table of the elements. Merck Periodic Table, Everything you need to know about the chemical elements From classification to properties to their history of discovery. Available in English, German, French, and Spanish Physical Constants Always have ready the values of 300+ physical constants PhySyCalc is an interesting scientific calculator that lets you do full calculations but also lets you include the units. It also includes many useful mathematical functions, as well as a number of useful physical constants. Included also are the speed of light, and the mass of the electron, proton, and neutron, all with appropriate units, atomic weights, isotope weights, and isotope abundances. PNAS , the official journal of the US National Academy of Sciences, is an authoritative source of high-impact, original research that broadly spans the biological, physical, and social sciences. The journal is published daily online in PNAS Early Edition and weekly in print. Easily access the PNAS table of contents and full text articles directly from your mobile device PocketCAS, A full Computer Algebra System in your pocket. Primer Jot A molecular biology application which will keep track of your oligos, all in one place, calculate the primer melting temperature (Tm) (based on a standard set of conditions) and categorize it, assign a project, as well as physical location details. Promega The Protocols and Applications Guide provides a gateway to a whole world of information for scientists. Here you will find quick access to technical tips, example data, experimental protocols and multimedia presentations covering most common laboratory procedures. PubChase is a science literature search and recommendation tool, available online or on your mobile device PubMed on Tap enables researchers to browse PubMed articles and build a personal library. Searches can be narrowed down with advanced settings using Boolean logic operators. EZ-Proxy settings are also available, as well as landscape view and text-size control. PubGet for iPad delivers full text journal articles straight to your iPad! Read them as PDFs on the spot or save them to take on the go. Search everything in PubMed, ArXiv, JSTOR, IEEE. Access your library's subscriptions: it's synced with 450 libraries world wide. Immediately get the full text PDF through your library. PyMOL on the iPad is a high-performance enterprise-class 3D molecular visualizer. It was designed from the ground up for the iPad and provides beautiful molecular graphics in a highly intuitive interface. Quick Graph It allows you to plot equations and can be useful for students taking math classes such as calculus or physics. It can plot 2D and 3D equations, using all of the standard graphic coordinates: cartesian, polar, spherical and cylindrical. Up to 3 equations can be visualized simultaneously, in both 2D and 3D modes. RCSB Protein Data Bank (PDB) mobile app is a new application that provides fast, on-the-go access to the RCSB PDB resources. The app enables the general public, researchers and scholars to search the Protein Data Bank and visualize protein structures using either a WiFi or cellular data connection. Search the entire PDB database, view the latest protein structure entries to be released, access your MyPDB account, view the entire catalog of Molecule of the Month, airplay support for high resolution screens and more. Reaction101 is a reaction editing and searching tool built using the same platform as the Mobile Molecular Datasheet. Reagents, This application details the structures and functions of >80 reagents encountered in typical introductory organic chemistry courses. RSC Mobile is a mobile app which provides up-to-the-minute access to RSC journals. Full text HTML and PDF access via wireless networks for subscribing institutions/organisations. The latest news from the RSC Publishing Platform. Ability to save articles for offline reading - and to save the abstract for articles where the reader doesn't have full text access. Sharing of content via email, Twitter or Facebook SAR Table designed for creating tables containing a series of related structures, their activity/property data, and associated text. Structures are represented by scaffolds and substituents, which are combined together to automatically generate a construct molecule Scatter Graph shows a 3D scatter graph. To operate copy some x y z points, select the Edit tab, paste the points into the text view and then click the Dots or Labels tab. Alternatively, edit the existing data with the keypad and then click the Dots or Labels tab. The figure below shows Scatter Graph in action Science Mobile Read summaries and abstracts from Science, Science Translational Medicine, and Science Signaling. Seismograph Measure everything that vibrates, shakes or moves. Or why not an actual earthquake SeqM Monitor sequencing runs from Illumina’s HiSeq 2000 sequencers SignalScope for iPhone OS devices is a real-time analysis toolset, suitable for use in areas such as acoustics, audio, electronics, and vibration. Out of the box, SignalScope includes an FFT-based spectrum analyzer and an oscilloscope. SignalSuite adds precision signal generator capabilities to your iPhone or iPod touch. SignalSuite’s three advanced, audio-band signal generators produce various types of periodic signals, broadband noise, and frequency sweep Simcyp ADME Prediction Toolbox Simcyp Limited provides platforms for the modelling and simulation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in virtual human populations and virtual laboratory animals (rat, dog & mouse). slcalc is a programmable calculator for engineers, scientists, and students in Science and Technology. Solutions Whether you are a chemist, biologist or student, no one likes the calculations needed before making chemical solutions SoundMeter has arrived to turn your iPhone into a handheld sound level meter Spotfire for the iPad requires access to a TIBCO Spotfire Web Player Server. By default, the app is connected to our public demo gallery so you can start experiencing data in Spotfire immediately. After that, you can connect to your internal server, or you can connect to public servers and explore Spotfire analytical tools. SPRESImobile is an app for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad mobile devices, developed in collaboration with Eidogen-Sertanty. It provides direct access to ChemReact, a subset of the SPRESI structure and reaction database, which contains more than 400,000 unique reaction types and the related references. Statistics 1 is an E-Textbook with lessons, calculators, simulations, quizzes, flashcards, decision trees, a glossary, and a list of formulas and symbols. Strike and Dip turns your iPhone into a pocket transit. Take strike & dip measurements, bearings, plunge, and all that geological goodness, while simultaneously getting your latitude, longitude, and elevation. StructureMate™, aims to bring chemical structure dataset analysis and visualisation to a much wider range of devices. This Universal app runs on both the iPad/iPad Mini and iPhone/iPod Touch families, with custom-built interface for each. Surface Graph shows a 3D surface and 2D point fill graph. To operate copy some z points, select the Edit tab, paste the points into the text view, enter the grid x and y lengths and then click the 2D or 3D tab. Alternatively, edit the existing data with the keypad and then click the 2D or 3D tab. TB Mobile app presents over 700 small molecules structures screened versus Mtb and their targets. This data is only available in Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (CDD). Tetrad is a utility for yeast geneticists to score yeast tetrad dissections. The Chemical Touch Explore the properties of the elements, the standard amino acids, and the nucleobases. The Elements beautifully crafted periodic table with full description of all elements. TouchPlot a grapher with touch abilities The UK Clinical Trials Gateway is an informative app for anyone - patients, carers, clinicians, academics, researchers, pharmaceutical professionals and students interested in clinical trials registered in the UK. Variables introduces a great new, yet completely natural, way of building statistical models. You simply position the variables, connect them to define the dependence structure and get all the details about the model at your fingertips! Variables assists you by suggesting possible model configurations it can handle. And it even animates all the transitions when you make changes so that you can instantly see the impact. The Vvidget application makes several 2D and 3D graph types on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can insert your own data from the pasteboard, fetch it from web servers and insert and edit using a table interface. Data can also be formed via linear regression, location and accelerometer sensors. Graphs can be animated, rotated, zoomed, panned and altered in various ways. Wolfram|Alpha--Get answers. Access expert knowledge. Wherever you are. Whenever you need it. Yield101 is a companion to Reaction101 that provides features that are useful for synthetic chemists at the lab bench. It is the second app developed in conjunction with with Eidogen-Sertanty. Yield101 is built from the same components as is the Mobile Molecular DataSheet, and is available for iOS based devices. Yield101 is an app designed to be useful to bench chemists: starting with a chemical reaction and some quantity information, it will calculate missing data, such as yields.
Antony Williams (aka ChemSpiderman) has published a talk he gave on “Mobilizing Chemistry - Chemistry in Our Hands” on slideshare A new paper has just been published Redefining Cheminformatics with Intuitive Collaborative Mobile App The proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers has recently been extended to include a growing ecosystem of increasingly sophisticated chemistry software packages, commonly known as apps. The capabilities that these apps can offer to the practicing chemist are approaching those of conventional desktop-based software, but apps tend to be focused on a relatively small range of tasks. To overcome this, chemistry apps must be able to seamlessly transfer data to other apps, and through the network to other devices, as well as to other platforms, such as desktops and servers, using documented file formats and protocols whenever possible. This article describes the development and state of the art with regard to chemistry-aware apps that make use of facile data interchange, and some of the scenarios in which these apps can be inserted into a chemical information workflow to increase productivity. A selection of contemporary apps is used to demonstrate their relevance to pharmaceutical research. Mobile apps represent a novel approach for delivery of cheminformatics tools to chemists and other scientists, and indications suggest that mobile devices represent a disruptive technology for drug discovery, as they have been to many other industries.
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