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12 May 2022 (version 5 released) this version can be found here

25 March 2020 (version 4.0 released)

This page is now outdated,

iBabel 4.0 is a complete rewrite of the application using Cocoa/Swift, it also uses the latest version of OpenBabel read more…..


Older versions

iBabel is a GUI (graphical user interface) for the open source cheminformatics toolkit OpenBabel. It also provides an interface to a variety of tools built using OpenBabel and a molecule viewer.

4 January 2016 Update, Version 3.6 link to description and download.

This was a major update

Now things have settled down a bit I've restarted work on iBabel, I've transitioned most of the calls to babel over to obabel the differences are highlighted here and replaced the calls to the tools based built on OpenBabel with the new corresponding calls to obabel. Updating the viewers however has taken more time than I expected with new security features in Mac OSX updates causing unexpected issues. Whilst not yet complete, I have removed all the java or plugin-based molecular viewers and I am in the process of replacing them with javascript versions.

Read More…

Older versions

Version 3

Version 2.6

Page Updated 12 May 2022