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eMolecules Extension

eMolecules is huge database of 8 million unique chemical structures from 20 million sources with Chemical data from more than 180 suppliers with reference links to many prominent sources of public data for spectra, physical properties and biological data. It also provides an online shopping cart, for requesting price quotes from select chemical suppliers.

First you need to enable extensions, instructions are here.

After you have downloaded the extension from here simply double click and install and it is ready to use.

If a page contains a drug name (this page describes AOX1 substrates), select the name and right click (or control click) and an option appears to search for the highlighted drug on eMolecules.

Click the “Search for ... on eMolecules” and a page will be opened in another tab showing the search results from eMolecules showing the structuure and a list of chemical suppliers.

If you go to the Safari preferences and select the “Extensions” tab you can alter any preferences that may be available for a particular extension. Back to list of extensions