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Chemicalize Extension is a public web resource developed by ChemAxon which uses ChemAxon's Name to structure parsing and structure based predictions to identify chemical structures from web pages and other text and provide predicted data related to each structure. There is a review of here (DOI: 10.1021/ci300046g) Currently they provide the following data for all structures: Elemental Analysis

IUPAC Name Protonation Partitioning Charge Isomers Geometry Other First you need to enable extensions, instructions are here.

After you have downloaded the extension from here simply double click and install and it is ready to use.

If a page contains a drug name (this page describes AOX1 substrates), simply right click (or control click) on the page and select the option chemicalize page.

The page will be submitted to and the result opened in a new tab. All chemical names or phrases on the page will have been automatically highlighted, pass the cursor over a link and a pop window displays the structure.

If you click on the popup window another tab opens with the calculated and experimental data associated with the compound.

If you go to the Safari preferences and select the “Extensions” tab you can alter any preferences that may be available for a particular extension. The beauty of this extension is it adds a huge amount of added value to legacy documents.

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