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Mnova Update

Mestrelab Research have just announced the release of Mnova 6.1.0.

Mnova NMR
• 2D assignment and assignments carried through to other relevant experiments
• GSD (Global Spectral Deconvolution) has been greatly improved
• Group Delay
• Data Analysis has been greatly improved
• Importing of new spectral formats (ACD Labs, LC Model ASCII, Philips Achieva, Siemens Syngo) via scripting
• Exporting of spectra in different ASCII formats (Hz+Real, DmFit, FID, GSD Spectra, PPM+Real+Imaginary, etc) via scripting
Click here to see more new features
Mnova MS
• Capability to import additional LC/GC/MS formats (MassHunter, Iontrap, JEOL MSQ1000, SCIEX Analyst)
• Chromatographic Manual Peak Detection/Integration
• Capability to apply 'Molecular Match' with MS/MS spectra
Click here to see more new features
Mnova NMRPredict Desktop
• New improved version of NMRPredict Desktop: NMR Predictions are now faster, more stable and accurate

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Spectroscopy Applications.
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