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The continuing rise in the Mac OS marketshare

The Operating System market share results from Jan 2008 at Net Applications are now available and the Mac OS share is now 7.6%. As you can see from the graph below the number of older PPC (Mac OS) has remained more or less constant over the last 6 months and the increase in Mac market share is driven by the increasing numbers of new Intel machines. Another note of interest is that the Linux market share is now 0.6%.

The iPhone market share is also increasing and is now at 0.13% more than double the 0.06% for Windows CE (why did Microsoft choose to release something with the acronym WinCE?).

I also see
Gartner are expecting Apple to continue to increase market share

"By 2011, Apple will double its U.S. and Western Europe unit market share in Computers. Apple's gains in computer market share reflect as much on the failures of the rest of the industry as on Apple's success. Apple is challenging its competitors with software integration that provides ease of use and flexibility; continuous and more frequent innovation in hardware and software; and an ecosystem that focuses on interoperability across multiple devices (such as iPod and iMac cross-selling)."
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