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RDKit code changes


I just saw this on the RDKit email circulation list and since I know a number of readers use RDKit I thought I'd mention it.

When we do the beta for the 2018.03.1 release we're going to switch the C++ backend to use modern C++ (=C++11). For people who can't switch to use that code, we will continue to provide bug fixes for the 2017.09 release for at least another 6 months.

This should only affect people who need to build the RDKit C++ code themselves. If you use a binary version of the RDKit like the ones available inside of Anaconda Python or KNIME, this change should have no impact upon you.

It looks like we're almost there. Hopefully we will be able to do a beta of the 2018.03 release by the end of the week.

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