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Annual Site review


At the end of each year I have a look at the website analytics to see which items were the most popular.

Over the year there were 118,000 visitors spending an average of 1.5 minutes per session. Whilst the US and the UK were the two top countries but as the table below shows, there has been a steady following around the world. As might be expected the majority are Mac users (57%) but there are a substantial number of Windows (23%) and Linux users (4%). The mobile platforms iOS (9%) and Android (6%) make up most of the remainder.


The most popular page was again the Fortran on a Mac page, followed by the M1chip category page. The iBabel page is in third place. Interestingly, the next most popular page was Python coding within Xcode. Perhaps, suggesting that Apple should consider making it a bit more seamless to use Xcode with Python.

The Mobile Science site has seen increased visitor numbers.

The most popular apps viewed were.

Merck PTE
IBM Micromedex Drug Info
PocketCAS: Mathematics Toolkit
Molecular Constructor
Radiology 2.0

Also popular were

Human Anatomy Atlas 2019
The Periodic Table Project
Periodic Table

The Twitter feed @macinchem has steadily attracted new followers and currently has 1272 followers.

The most popular tweets were

Rutherford &Fry book
Malcolm Campbell award
Web apps for Fragment drug discovery
More Open Source workshops

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