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Whilst I'm sure that the Apple Watch will be the major focus of todays Apple Event one thing that caught my eye was ResearchKit.


ResearchKit is a new open source framework intended to help researchers develop tools for medical research. This new framework takes advantage of the sensors and capabilities of iPhone to track movement, take measurements, and record data. There three modules to address the most common elements across different types of clinical studies: surveys, informed consent, and active tasks. These modules can be used as they are, or can be further built upon.

Health is important to all of us, so we’ve made ResearchKit open source. Now anyone can contribute to the next big medical breakthrough, regardless of their platform. An open source framework is the best way to encourage researchers to collaborate and share their apps and methods. And most important, it’s the right thing to do

ResearchKit contains five Active Task modules developed in partnership with Stanford Medicine, University of Oxford, Sage Bionetworks, and University of Rochester. The four categories include motor activities (gait, tapping), fitness (timed walk), cognition (memory tasks using touch screen), and voice .

In addition of course for passive background data collection the APIs like HealthKit and CoreMotion can be included.

There are already an Asthma app, a breast cancer recovery monitor, Diabetes and Parkinson's tracker.

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