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Before Christmas a couple of developers contacted me about which versions of Mac OS X were used by scientists, based on website statistics and a poll I posted it looks like >80% of users have migrated to Mac OS X 10.9 or higher. There were a couple of scientists still using 10.6 because of the need for gfortran but several people pointed out that this is now compatible with the newer Mac OS X versions.

I've now been asked a similar question about mobile devices, according to Google analytics for this site for the last month, 75% of the visitors using an identified mobile device are using an iPad or iPhone. Looking at the version of operating system on those iOS devices 80% are running 8.x.x, around 15% are using 7.x.x with the remainder running earlier versions. This seems to be supported by the latest data from shown below, which shows >70% iOS adoption.


From a developers point of view it really underlines the need to support the latest versions of Mac OS X and iOS.

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