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BBEdit and DEVONthink

My favourite text editor BBEdit has been updated, this release consists entirely of fixes for reported issues, and contains no new features.

  • Fixed crash which would occur occasionally (depending on the shape of memory) when trying to balance delimiters and the selection start was at the beginning of the document.

  • Worked around bug on 10.8.x which broke running-browser detection (and thus the "Markup => Preview in => All Running Browsers" command).

  • Worked around an elusive OS behavior in which the application would receive spurious change notifications for folders that it wasn't actually watching, which in turn triggered inappropriate refreshes of the Scripts, Text Filters, Stationery, and/or Clippings menus.

  • Fixed crash which would happen when reloading ctags data in response to the tags files being changed on disk.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when using "Save as Styled HTML" after using the expert preference to turn off inline CSS generation.

  • Made further changes to the Dropbox check, since the on-disk format of ~/.dropbox/ has changed yet again. Now, the existence of that directory is enough to prove installation of Dropbox and trigger discovery of ~/Dropbox for application support content.

  • Fixed likely cause of an occasional crash at startup.

I use Markdown on my site and I’m seeing it used regularly in documents so I was interested to see this in the latest DEVONthink update, and there is a list of Markdown Editors here.

Markdown has become a popular way for adding simple formatting to text without relying on platform-specific file formats. DEVONthink already supported plain Markdown. Starting with version 2.7.5 it now renders MultiMarkdown, too. For DEVONagent 3.8 we have updated almost all plugins and made many of them language-aware.

To get DEVONthink to render a Markdown file

Show the Markdown file in DEVONthink, then choose View > Best Alternative.

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