Macs in Chemistry

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Mbook is an Electronic Lab Notebook designed by chemists for chemists, it is a cloud based solution focused on the needs of synthetic chemists. Runs on any web browser and therefore requires no application installation or updates. Zero footprint and always updated. Immediately scalable, you can grow your number of users without having to change infrastructure or installations.

Experimental elements:

  • Reaction scheme and experimental conditions
  • Stoichiometry table and experiment write-up area
  • Analytical data (NMR, MS, etc.) for reactants, solvents and products
  • MSDS datasheets for all experiment participants
  • Literature references and other relevant documents
  • Image files (product appearance, TLC, etc.)

It comes in various favours from a basic setup to an expert suite, the difference being the number of different spectroscopy plugins that are included.

There is an online guide and a test drive version.

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