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CICAG Winter 2019 Newsletter


The latest issue of the RSC CICAG newsletter is now available online, the winter 2019 issue has continued the trend to include more original content and news on chemical information.


This issue includes

  • Chemical Information & Computer Applications Group Chair's Report
  • CICAG Planned and Proposed Future Meetings
  • Periodic Table brought to life at Catalyst!
  • From Nantwich to Oxygen: Joseph Priestley’s Journey of Discovery
  • Dr Andy Vinter 1943 - 2019
  • Open Force Field Initiative on Energetics for Molecular Modelling
  • Obituary Dr William Geoffrey Town
  • Extending InChI to Include Inorganic & Organometallic Compounds
  • Wendy Warr named 2020 Herman Skolnik Award Winner
  • A Practical Case for WebAssembly
  • Tony Kent Strix Award and Annual Lecture 2019
  • Meeting Report: 20 Years of the Rule of Five
  • Meeting Report: 2nd RSC BMCS & CICAG AI in Chemistry Meeting
  • Chemical Information / Cheminformatics and Related Books
  • News from CAS
  • News from the RSC
  • News from AI3SD

This newsletter also includes articles from Prof David Mobley, Dr Wendy Warr, Dr Alex M Clark, Jane List, Dr Rajarshi Guha and Dr Dan Ormsby, and CICAG is very appreciative of these external contributions to this widely-read publication. If readers have any suggestions for contributions that would be of interest to the CICAG community, please get in touch.

Past issues of the newsletter are available on the website.

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