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Pro Fit supports Big Sur


pro Fit pro Fit 7 is now at version 7.0.18, supporting dark mode, Catalina, and Big Sur.

pro Fit is a macOS application for data/function analysis, plotting, and curve fitting. It is used by scientists, engineers and students to analyze their measurements and the mathematical models they use to describe them.


  • Data windows for storing and analyzing data
  • Drawing windows for plots and other graphics
  • Function windows for user defined functions
  • Write your own functions and scripts using Python or Pascal
  • Numerous Curve Fitting Algorithms:
  • Levenberg-Marquardt, Robust, Multi-dimensional
  • High resolution, high quality drawings and graphs
  • Full PDF support for exporting figures
  • Big Sur and Retina Support

There is a comprehensive list of scientific applications under Big Sur here

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