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I often get into discussions with software vendors about the size of the Mac market, in particular the number of scientific users at universities. It is very difficult to get accurate numbers but an increasing number of places have published a breakdown. Whilst few universities keep as complete records as University of Virginia, where Mac usage has increased from a low of 4% to nearly 40%, I’ve tried to keep a track of the numbers and what seems clear is the number of Macs on campus is increasing. If anyone can provide further information I’d happily include it.

University % Mac 2007 % Mac 2008 Link
Cornell 16% 22%
U. of Virginia 26% 37%
James Madison Univ 14% 16%
UW-Madison 20% 28%
Princeton 40% **
Dartmouth College 55% **
Georgetown University Law Center 25% **
Oregen State Uni 5% **
Wilkes University 100% **
Oregon's George Fox University ** 100%
New York Medical College ** 33%
OC University ** 100%
Brandeis University ** 40%
University of Bristol ** 10%
Baylor University 21% 29%
** No data
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