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ICM_Browser Updated

Molsoft have announced the update of their free ICM-Browser.
The new features include:

- Build and save fully-annotated and interactive 3D molecules and display them in Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
- Display ligand pocket surfaces colored by binding property.
- Add and optimize hydrogens to a PDB structure.
- Calculate and display hydrogen bonds.
- Generate and display molecule surfaces.
- Display transparent surfaces.
- Save publication quality molecular graphics files in a variety of image formats.

Minimum specification for Windows, Mac, SGI and Linux:
100 Mb of disk space and 1Gb or more of RAM. 2Gb is a good default.
Graphics Card
The Graphic card should have Hardware OpenGL acceleration and 256Mb or more memory. (512Mb or more is recommended)
We recommend NVIDIA ( brand.
  • GeForce models are good if you do not plan to use hardware stereo.
  • Quadro models can be used with hardware stereo
Stereo Glasses
If you need Stereo Glasses we can recommend CrystalEyes:
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