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ChemDoodle 3 Released

ChemDoodle 3 Released on Mac OS X, an announcement from Kevin Theisen

ChemDoodle 3 has been released! Over the last year, we have been working with many individuals from academia and industry to further improve ChemDoodle. Our hard work has resulted in a complete overhaul of the application. We implemented almost all of the features requested by our users and we provide this upgrade, free of charge, to our existing customers. ChemDoodle development is based on Macs and we care very much about Mac OS X users. Pasting of vector graphics into Microsoft Office and iWork is without issues and round trip editing is provided with Keynote. Further round trip editing support will follow. ChemDoodle is now used in hundreds of institutions around the world and no Mac OS X student or scientist should be without it. You can get a free trial of ChemDoodle 3 at the ChemDoodle website:

For questions and comments, please contact us using our contact form:

ChemDoodle 3 is a complete overhaul of the ChemDoodle application. This update provides performance improvements, graphical improvements and a long list of new features; major features are listed below. All known ChemDoodle 2 bugs have been fixed.
New Features
New operating system specific installers (Windows Installer, Mac DMG, Linux BIN)
A thorough user guide
Performance enhancements
New intuitive keyboard drawing controls
Greatly improved lasso system
Improved graphics (Atom label token stacking, robust text bounds calculations, improved bonds, more graphical preferences)
Create chemical images, animations and interactive components for webpages
NMR simulation
Handling of spectra
Improved arrows system
Handling of reactions
Search your hard drives for chemicals
New chemical file formats
New cheminformatics descriptors and functions
Incorporated elemental database
New references system
and so much more ...”

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