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Graph Builder Updated


Graph Builder has been updated to version 10.9.16.

  • Made the heat map (aka: image map, point fill) and 3D scatter, surface and volume color mapping editor significantly better.
  • Added a palette that shows how to script a multi-level animated pie chart.
  • Removed depreciated system calls.
  • Adjusted many items under the hood in preparation for v11.
  • Special Note: The v11 build is being worked on and your feedback to is very welcome.

Graph Builder is a powerful application rich in graphic editing, creation and programming to facilitate the visualization of information. It has a good complement of 2D and 3D graph features, a full-fledged user interface and is programmable. Paste data into table editors, write scripts to generate data, load a Xcode plugin you write for data generation and to retrieve data from external sources.

There is a comprehensive list of data analysis tools for Mac OSX here.

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