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After a period of open beta testing MacOS 13 Ventura is here.


If you want an overview of Ventura I'd recommend the excellent arstechnica review.

Ventura supports both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, but as you might expect some of the older Intel machines are no longer supported. The list of supported Macs:

  • 2017 iMac/iMac Pro and later
  • 2018 MacBook Air and later
  • 2017 MacBook Pro and later
  • 2019 Mac Pro and later
  • 2018 Mac mini and later
  • 2017 MacBook and later
  • 2022 Mac Studio and later

You can find out your Mac model by tapping on the Apple icon in the menu bar and going to About This Mac. Apple will still release security updates and new Safari updates for macOS 11 (Big Sur) and 12 (Monterey)

Scientific Applications

I've contacted all developers I know and their responses to date are shown below, first impressions are this is a relatively benign update.



alvaScience all our products support macOS 13 Ventura.

Amsterdam Modeling Suite

Anaconda Supports MacOS- 64-bit x86 & M1

APE OSX 10.11+ (M1 Universal)


BBEdit The following versions of our products are recommended for use with macOS 13 “Ventura”: BBEdit 14.6.1, Yojimbo 4.6.2


ChemAxon Most of our software in general requires Java, so as long as the appropriate Java version is installed, there should be no problem.

ChemDraw All working as expected

ChemDoodle ChemDoodle 2D and ChemDoodle 3D are both fully supported on macOS 13 Ventura with no known issues. iChemLabs also highlight native Apple silicon support for ChemDoodle 2D and ChemDoodle 3D

ChimeraX Open the downloaded DMG file and drag ChimeraX to your Applications folder. Includes native versions for M2, M1 and Intel Macs. Works on macOS 10.15 and newer.

Chirys View

Conquest and Mercury from CCDC


CrystalMaker Requires a Mac running macOS 10.12.2 "Sierra" to macOS 13.x "Ventura" (recommended)

CYLView 20

DataWarrior Seems to be working fine.


DEVONagent fine on Intel, not tested on Apple Silicon.

DEVONthink fine on Intel, not tested on Apple Silicon.

Elemental Fine under Ventura and on Apple Silicon




Fujitsu ScanSnap .


Gaussaian installation using Home-brew seems to be working fine.

gFortran Standalone installer of GCC 12.2, including gfortran, for macOS Ventura (macOS 13) Apple silicon and Intel


Homebrew For most seems to work fine, remember to reinstall Xcode command line tools.

[iBabel)[] no issues reported


Igor Pro According to reports from Igor users, Igor Pro 9 runs well under Rosetta2. You can not run Igor Pro 6 (or before) on macOS 10.15 or later because it is a 32-bit program and macOS 10.15 dropped support for 32 bit programs.




KNIME no issues with initial tests

Manuscripts no issues reported

Matlab MATLAB is compatible with macOS 13 (Ventura) Running MATLAB and Simulink on Apple silicon Macs is supported in MATLAB R2020b Update 3 and newer. On Apple silicon Macs, MATLAB runs using the Rosetta 2 environment.

Mathematica both Intel and Apple Silicon supported macOS 11 (Big Sur) to 13 (Ventura)


Microsoft Office Desktop apps fine, some issues with Exchange Server.


MOE Initial tests showed no issues with this version.

Molsoft Yes ICM-Pro runs on Mac OS Ventura


NAG Fortran compiler

OpenBabel no issues reported

ODYSSEY ntel or M1 chip Macintosh (only), 2GHz chip or faster OS 10.12 (Sierra) through OS 13.X (Ventura) 128 GB disk space or higher (SSD Recommended) 4 GB RAM or higher

Orca Orca 5.0.3 runs on Apple Silicon under Ventura.


PGOPHER Regrettably, further updates to PGOPHER will no longer be available

pro Fit pro Fit 7.1 requires Mac OS 12 (Monterey) or later.

PYMOL Home-brew formular supports Ventura

Python Python 2.7 is no longer included - use Python 3 instead. Python works fine on Apple Silicon and is "mad fast!".

QMForge 2.4

R Package R-4.2.2-arm64.pkg is a ‘native’ build for ‘Apple Silicon’ (aka ‘M1’) Macs and runs on macOS 11 or later (Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura, …).

RDKit All seems fine (Note: -Python 2.7 is no longer supported - use Python 3 instead)

Samson "We're happy to announce that SAMSON works perfectly on #macOS 13 #Ventura."


SeeSAR SeeSAR & infiniSee work just fine.

Simply Fortran Fortran development environment for macOS 12 or higher on Intel, experimental build for Apple Silicon. Mac OS 13.

Sketch Version 94.1 supports Ventura

Spartan Intel or Mx chip 4 GB RAM or higher OS 10.12 (Sierra) through OS 13.X (Ventura) 128 GB disk space or higher (SSD Recommended)

SPSS existing users report no issues, some reports of installation issues.


Swiss-PdbViewer Swiss-PdbViewer is a 32 bits application and will * NOT * run.

TensorFlow and TensorFlow Addons

UCSF ChimeraX Details on building M1 version


Vortex Vortex works perfectly on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs under Ventura




Xcode need to update to latest version. Remember to reinstall command line tools

XQuartz OpenGL and OpenCL are still here, even on Apple Silicon Macs

I’ll add more updates later, feel free to contact me and thanks for the comments to date.

Last update 22 December 2022

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