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Aabel Update

Gigawiz have announced an update to their flagship data analysis and graphing application Aabel

  • Fix for a bug in the heatmap diagram legend; the fix allows the upper and lower bounds for the Z value within a heatmap to be defined in a range that allows between heatmap comparisons
  • Fix for a bug in the database metaphor data browser, which once triggered could result in incomplete display of file objects and in disregarding the stacking order of the file objects in the visualization pipeline
  • Fix for a bug in the database metaphor, which resulted in a slow performance when re-arranging file objects
  • Fix for a bug triggered under some conditions when sorting worksheet rows with multiple keys
  • Workarounds for OS-related glitches or issues up to 10.6.3

I’ve written a review of Aabel here, and there is a list of other data analysis tools here.
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