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Absoft today released Pro Fortran v11.0 for Mac OS X/Intel. Compatible with Snow Leopard, v11.0 includes OpenMP, new scheduler, support for Intel Xeon (Nehalem) processors, Fx3 debugger with thread support and more. List of key new features below.
Additional information:

  - Support for Apple's Snow Leopard (10.6.x) operating system and SDK.
  - The Fortran 95 compiler fully implements TR 15581, which extends
    the Fortran 95 standard in three areas: allocatable arrays as
    dummy arguments, allocatable arrays as function results, and
    allocatable arrays in derived types.
  - The Fortran 95 compiler implements OpenMP 2.5, providing a
    standard set of compiler directives and runtime support for
    multi-threaded programming.
  - Improved instruction scheduling algorithms and code generation
    for the Intel processors in newer Apple systems.
  - Improved auto-parallelization (-apo) code generation.

  - Prebuilt 32 and 64 bit LAPACK 3.2.1 and Reference BLAS libraries.
  - Prebuilt 32 and 64 bit ScaLAPACK and BLACS libraries for MPI
  - Prebuilt 32 and 64 bit NetCDF libraries.
  - Support for IMSL version 6.0 with OpenMP and MPI capabilities.
  - Source code examples for auto-parallelization and OpenMP

  - Enhanced program element browsing capabilities.
  - New Forward/Back source position navigation.
  - Supports building and launching OpenMP.
  - Supports building and launching MPI programs.
  - Set environment variables before running a compiled project.
  - Automatically checks for service packs to keep your installation

Fx3 Debugger:
  - Includes support for debugging OpenMP multi-threaded programs.
  - Displays variable values inside pop-up windows by selecting their
    name in in the source code window.
  - Set environment variables for the debugged program.
  - Run a script of debugger commands on program launch.

Free trial version available at:

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