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Updating the LabNotebook

I've started updating the Chemistry LabNotebook fixing a couple of formatting bugs and adding a few requested features.
One of the things I've asked to add is the ability to use iNMR as the NMR viewer, at the moment the scripting uses ChemDraw to view JCAMP spectra which is a less than ideal situation.
iNMR is the only NMR tool designed specifically for the Mac however as yet it does not have applescript support, fortunately we can use the "Finder" to provide the "open file" facility.
So the script becomes:-
set the_file_path to "Macintosh HD:Lab_Notebook:Spectra:NMR:nmr_000001_1.inmr" as alias

tell application "Finder"

open the_file_path

end tell

This will open the file in iNMR, you can also use the same script to open JCAMP files using,
set the_file_path to "Macintosh HD:Lab_Notebook:Spectra:NMR:nmr_000001_1.jdx" as alias

I'll try to get examples of other NMR file types and check they work also.
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