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MacMolPlt 7.6


I just got this message regarding MacMolPlt a graphics program for plotting 3-D molecular structures and normal modes (vibrations).

I have just finished posting the final binaries for MacMolPlt 7.6. In addition to the code changes I have had to move the home site and binaries download sites due to the impending shutdown of Google code.

This version includes the following changes:

  • Energy plot window now accepts the same keystrokes as the main display window to change frames (left, right, home, end)
  • Fix a parsing issue with ROHF GAMESS log files
  • Account for an $EFRAG group change to allow all fragment atoms rather than only the first three.
  • Fixed a crash in the frequency window (when no normal modes are present)
  • Fixed the positioning of lone pairs in the builder when the coordination number plus the number of lone pairs is 5.
  • Fixed a couple of parsing issues with MolDen and Molekel (mkl) files.
  • Added GIF and TIFF export image formats (requires wxWidgets 2.9 or newer).

I have also reworked the 3D orbital generation code to significantly improve performance. Please report anything that doesn't look quite right.

Binaries and source files are available at:

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