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NAG libraries for Intel Macs.

The Numerical Algorithms Group has announced the release of the NAG libraries for Intel Macs (NAGNews Issue 67).

"NAG is delighted to announce the first NAG Library for users of the Apple Intel Mac platform. This landmark implementation adds to the large list of existing implementations of the NAG Library. Initially the library for Apple Intel MAC is available for Intel Fortran under Mac OS X (32-bit), however over the next few months we plan to roll out other NAG products for Apple Intel Mac. The planned products will include:
  • The NAG Fortran Library, Max OS X 64, for Intel and l.c.fortran compilers
  • The NAG C Library, Mac OS X 64, gcc compiler
  • The NAG C Library, Mac OS X 64, gcc compiler
  • The NAG f95 Compiler, Mac OS X 64
The NAG Library joins the existing suite of products for Apple Intel Mac which includes the NAG f95 Compiler that was released in September.

More information on the new libraries can be found on the
NAG web site.
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