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There is currently much discussion about how access to data, information, knowledge and the software tools essential for 21st century chemical science research can be increased and simplified while ensuring that quality is maintained. Significant progress is being made, but the myriad of policies, repositories, standards, sources, tools and subscription models is at the same time complicating the landscape.


To address the many questions concerning the rapidly evolving open research landscape, towards the end of last year (before Covid-19), the CICAG Committee started to plan a series of three one-day events in November 2020, covering open access publishing, open data and open source software. The aim was to examine the benefits, risks and likely future developments and their impact on research. The aim hasn’t changed but, due to Covid-19, the events will now be run as a series of online webinars to take place over five days, from 9-13 November 2020. CICAG have decided to make them free of charge - this has been possible because the cost of running online events is much less than for face-to-face meetings.

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