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ChemAxon User Group Meeting in Boston

I see ChemAxon have announced details of their first US User group meeting. Interesting to see that some of the major Pharma companies giving presentations. If you are not familiar with the software I've written reviews of Marvin and Instant JChem here.

Registration and poster submission:
Information page:
Training day topics:

User Presentations:
  • Derek A. Debe, Abbott Laboratories: Clustering for the Masses: Pairing JKlustor with Seurat
  • Peter Condron, ETC, A-STAR: ChemAxon and an Electronic Research Habitat at the Biopolis Experimental Research Centre
  • Kaisheng Chen, Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation: Large-Scale Annotation of Small-Molecule Libraries Using Public Databases
  • Trung Nguyen, NIH Chemical Genomics Center (NCGC): Toward the Development of an Open Source Cheminformatics Platform for HTS Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Lutz Weber, OntoChem, Very large databases and 2D- and 3D-Similarity Searching
  • Jim Bullington, Palatin Technologies: Palatin Technologies’ Cheminformatics Solution
  • Yao Liu, Sloan Kettering: Successful Implementation of the ChemAxon Chemistry Cartridge in a Custom Built Screening Management Application: A case Study.
  • Matthew Pustelnik, Takeda, San Diego: Developing a Compound Registration System utilizing ChemAxon's Oracle Cartridge and incorporating Web 2.0 concepts into research informatics
  • Oleg Ursu, Div. Biocomputing, U. New Mexico: PubChem data extraction and integration using Instant JChem
  • Carlos Fraeman,Vertex Pharmaceuticals: Instant J Chem: one-stop information hub for medicinal chemists
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