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PyMOL 2.4 released


PyMOL 2.4 has been released. Download ready-to-use bundles from or update your installation with

conda install -c schrodinger pymol


  • Incentive PyMOL only:

    • Support for
    • Pi-Pi and Pi-Cation interactions (A > find > pi-interactions)
    • WaterMap result presets (A > preset > WaterMap ...)
    • APBS Plugin improvements (multi-state assemblies, propka pH calculation)
  • Open-Source and Incentive PyMOL:

    • Distinguish .mrc and .ccp4 formats (origin interpretation)
    • Trajectory handling improvements
    • Improved error handling in Python API with exceptions
    • ... many bug fixes

This will be the last release with support for Python 2.7.

Full release notes

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