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iNMR Updated

iNMR has been updated to version 4.0.4.
We have arrived at version 4.0.4 with a list of valuable improvements.Stability is increased: we have removed at least 3 different causes of crashes. Though rare, those crashes were disturbing when they happened. For this reason at least, it is convenient to install the new version. There are other important reasons too.
Up to now you used a sequence of commands for synchronizing two windows: first Tile, then Synchronize. These commands remain, because they are immediate and flexible. Let's say for example, that you only want to tile two windows, without synchronization. Selecting a menu command is faster than opening a dialog, performing additional choices, then dismissing it. The old commands were limited, however: they allowed for two layouts only, and it was impossible to synchronize more than two windows.
With the new dialog Tile & Synchronize it is possible:
- to synchronize up to 9 windows;
- to choose among three layouts (rows, columns or matrix);
- to select the windows and change their order.
The synchronization mechanism is great to compare two or more spectra and it's enough a reason to prefer a multiple-windows-application (like in the old days and like iNMR) to the single-window-applications that are the norm today (which have their own virtues, I am the first to admit).
There are more choices into the J Manager. Apart from a new reporting style, there is the option to list the chemical shifts in ascending order. This option can be combined with almost all the existing styles, so it amounts to doubling the number of choices.
The Cross Peaks Manager has also been enriched with a new command that tabulates titrations and similar experiments. The name of the command is "Chemical Shift Perturbation

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