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I just noticed that the popular electronic laboratory notebook Findings has been updated.

Release Notes Version 1.3.4

  • Reduced CPU activity at app launch, in particular for large libraries.
  • Better responsiveness when typing in large documents.
  • Faster loading of large experiments or protocols, avoiding operations that could even lead to the dreaded spinning beach ball.
  • Automatic scrolling to the insertion point when pasting or when inserting various elements in experiments or protocols, like attachments, section titles, etc.
  • Superflous confusing newline after tables in experiments or protocols.
  • Automatic scrolling to the insertion point when typing was not always working.
  • Problems with some keyboard input methods (in particular Chinese: Pinyin) when used on a new empty line.
  • Document library path wrongly reset when Dropbox folder is in /Users/Shared.

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