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Mid year Macinchem site stats


I just thought I'd have a quick look at the stats relating to visits to the website.

The site has been visited by over 44,000 users in the first 6 months of 2020 and there have been over 81,000 page views, with visitors spending on average two and half minutes per page.

The most popular pages are shown below, and again Fortran on a Mac tops the list.

iBabel the GUI for Openbabel has now been downloaded over 350 times since April when it was released.


Looking at the operating systems used by visitors as you might expect most use Mac OS but there are a significant number of Windows users.

Macintosh 60%
Windows 22%
iOS 10%

With the remainder made up of Linux, Android, Chrome OS and various flavours of UNIX. Looking at the versions of Mac OS it seems the majority have upgraded to Catalina, and older version of the operating system tail off pretty rapidly.

10.15 58%
10.14 24%
10.13 11%
10.12 4%

The Mobile Science Site now has 260 entries and I add new entries when I find out about them.

The most popular apps are:


If you know of any Mobile Apps I've missed please let me know.

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