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Bookends Updated


The reference management software Bookends has been updated. The update includes

  • New PDF viewer with search, markup, and annotation

  • Tight integration between PDF notes and the Bookends note stream

  • Move groups between folders with a hierarchical menu

  • Watch folders work when the default attachment folder is not on the boot HD

  • Use AppleScripts to set the contents of a field

  • Bibliography generation is faster

  • Set text output style (e.g. Styled Text, BibTeX, HTML, etc.) in Preferences, Scan & Bib tab

  • Worked around a Mendeley XML incompatibility with EndNote XML so that reference Types are imported correctly

  • The keyboard shortcut for Autofill From Internet has been changed to Shift-Command-A

  • If Bookends can't find an assigned attachment folder, the factory default folder will be used

  • JSTOR search and Autocomplete Paper were updated to deal with changes made by JSTOR

  • The number of references you can import from Google Scholar at once has been reduced from 50 to 20

  • Updated Google Scholar parsing to deal with changes made by Google

  • Existing font styles will be preserved when pasting decomposed Unicode text into a text field

  • Smarter handling of Title Case

There is a comprehensive listing of reference management software for Mac OSX here.

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