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University of Virginia Computer Survey

UVa First-Year Student Computer Inventory:- 2008 Results
Since 1997 University of Virginia have kept an inventory of the computing ownership; type of computer; operating system; network capability; peripherals; and in recent years, mobile device ownership, of the first-year students. These data provide an interesting insight into the computing habits of the new students.
As might be expected all students now arrive with a computer the vast majority (98%) having a laptop. The chosen operating system has changed over the years and as the graph below shows, with Mac OS steadily increasing to currently lie at 37%. Since 10 years ago in 1990 the Mac share stood at 4% this is a staggering increase.

The survey also looks at other electronic devices, nearly 82% possess an iPod or iPhone underlining Apple's domination of this market group.

BlackBerry 187
Other Smartphone 268
Game Console 277
Other mp3 282
iPhone 190
iPod Touch 361
iPod 1967
Printer 2577

I've also updated the table of University computer usage below.

University % Mac Date Link
Cornell 21% Sept 2007
U. of Virginia 37% 1 Apr 2009
James Madison Univ 14% Mar 2007
UW-Madison 20% Aug 2007
Princeton 40% 5 Oct 2007
Dartmouth College 55% 25 Oct 2007
Georgetown University Law Center 25% 11 May 2007
Oregen State Uni 5% 26 Feb 2008
Wilkes University 100% 23 Feb 2007
Oregon's George Fox University 100% 2008
New York Medical College 33% 2008
OC University 100% 2008

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