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ChemDraw and dialog boxes

The upgrade to Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) has caused a number of problems for ChemBioDraw (aka ChemDraw) users. One particular problem is the upgrade appears to have broken the ability to enter text into dialog boxes. Whilst this has been fixed in an update to version 12 of ChemBioDraw Cambridgesoft seem reluctant to provide an update for earlier versions of the software, suggesting instead that users should upgrade.

Unfortunately I don’t have ChemBiodraw 11 (or earlier versions) so I can’t explore the problem but perhaps it might be possible to offer a work around using Applescript.

Changes to Spotlight indexing

It seems that with the Snow Leopard update there have been some changes to the way that Spotlight detects and indexes text files, this causes problems if you have large text files that don’t need to be indexed. Read More...

Aabel Updated

Aabel updated for Snow Leopard