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KosmicTask is an integrated scripting environment for Mac OS X. Whilst Mac OS X supports a number of scripting technologies either via it’s UNIX roots (Shell scripting , Perl etc.) or via Cocoa Framework Scripting using Apple’s scripting bridge (Applescript, Ruby, Python etc.) you can end up using a different script editor for each scripting language. KosmicTask allows you to script in a wide variety of languages from within a single editor. KosmicTask uses a plugin architecture that allows it to support a range of scripting languages, details of the languages supported by KosmicTask are shown below:-

KosmicTask also supports another very capable means of achieving automation - appscript. Appscript is supported by both Ruby and Python an alternative to the ScriptingBridge. 

It also allows sharing of scripts with other KosmicTask users via the local shared network.


I’ve also added it to the list of Applescript Resources.